Top 4 Distinctive Details For Interior Doors

Many of the customers we serve, here at Nick’s Building Supply, are looking for something out of the ordinary for their interior doors. They don’t want the same old, prefabricated, white painted doors that are in every home; instead, they want something really unique and original.


The good news is that we pride ourselves in our ability to give you great options for very distinctive interior doors. Our doors come in a variety of different styles, woods and sizes, so you can get just the look that you have always wanted for your home.


Wood Type and Stain


The first and most obvious feature for the door is the type of wood that is used. Mahogany doors, with their beautiful grain and wide variety of medium to darker colors, are a great addition to any room of the home.


Alder wood, especially knotty alder, is a wonderful look for a rustic style interior door. We use lighter to medium colored stains so the finish looks natural and handmade.


Style of Door


You can choose a door with classic designs, or something a little less traditional. Panel styles of doors are an elegant look for bedrooms, offices, dens, and even for storage areas in the home.


For game rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, or a more rustic type of home, look for a traditional shaker, mission, or farmhouse type of door. Plank doors, the most rustic look, are fantastic for just about any decor style.


The Look of Arched Doors


We also provide a very unique arched interior door that is going to be very distinctive. These doors are actually the same shape as traditional doors, but they have a glass window in the center of the door that creates an arch-like look. This can be a very unique look for doors in the kitchen, pantry, laundry room, or the wine cellar.


These doors can be of clear or frosted glass, and they can also feature a range of different etching to make them look especially unique.


Door Hardware


One of the most important choices for your interior doors is the hardware that you select. We recommend and sell several different types and styles of handles, knobs, and levers that go extremely well with our door styles and designs.


If you need any help in selecting a custom interior door, just let us know. We can provide you with ideas and advice, so you can choose which door is right for you.