Installing Custom Doors That Make A Statement

When you buy one of our custom interior doors, you are making an investment in the beauty of your home. Not only will you have a unique, one-of-a-kind door, but you will also have a door that is completely crafted just for you.


Unlike some companies, we strive to personally work on each door like if it would be for our own homes. This starts with ensuring that we know exactly what you want. We will provide you a mock-up of your design drawing, and once we have your approval, we will then create that perfect interior door of your dreams.


Once the door is completed, we will ensure that it is packed safely and shipped to your location. Then, you will need to either choose to install the door yourself, or hire a professional to install the custom door. Since our doors are shipped either stained or natural, you may have slightly different steps to get it installed, stained, and ready for use.


Choose Pre-hung


We highly recommend, if you’re installing a custom door on your own, that you choose a pre-hung option. This one is the easiest to install, especially if you are using an existing door opening.


If you are changing the size of the door, including adding double custom doors where there was only a single door, there will be more work to be done. Typically, to get this type of complex installation completed, we recommend hiring a professional. It is essential that the door frame be completely square to allow the door to open and close smoothly and correctly.


Use the Right Tools


The last thing that you want to do is choose a beautiful custom door, and then do the installation without using the right tools. You will need a level, a plumb bob, a drill and, for those very slight adjustments, a chisel. If you have to attach the casing or make adjustments to the rough opening, you will need a hammer or a nail gun.


Make sure you read all enclosed instructions and carefully remove the protective wrapping we have around your door in when it arrives. Double check that everything is level and square before attaching the casing, and that you are correctly placing the hinge location on the hinge-side trimmer.


We recommend that you take each measurement at least twice before drilling or making any final attachments. By measuring twice, you avoid any mistakes and catch any errors that you may have made when measuring or marking.