Alder Doors – Different Types & Styles

Alder doors are some of the most versatile doors for both, interior and exterior entrances. With specific types of designs and styles, you will be amazed at the different looks that our design experts have created. The possibilities are endless for you to make custom doors that are really amazing and unique, like you, and that reflect the style of your home.


One of the most popular types of alder used in the construction of doors, especially the heavier and more substantial exterior doors, is knotty alder. With natural knots in the wood, each door is completely unique, which is one of the reasons why we love working with this wood and why our customers love the look.


Rustic Doors


Have you ever seen those amazingly crafted rustic looking doors that look like they came right from a castle or from some historical mansion? If you have, then you have probably seen just one of the possibilities for alder doors.
We have an amazing selection of these rustic alder doors in traditional rectangular shapes, like double doors or round top doors. These create incredibly beautiful rustic styles, and are the perfect addition to virtually any home.


They’re also a great addition to a brick or stone home, and they look amazing on a natural wood or log home as well.


These rustic doors made of alder can feature wrought iron accent work that is very original and unique. This can include a grill over the side light and even a custom-designed viewer can be added to the style for that extra little detail. It is also possible to have additional wrought iron details in the door itself, giving it that designer look while still keeping the original style of these doors.


Elegant Doors


For a very elegant look to the front entrance of a home, why not consider one of our knotty elder doors with beautiful glass panels and side lights? Many of our customers that are looking for this door design choose the arched door with the side lights and a transom that emphasizes the spectacular shape of the door.


Different styles of glass, from the privacy of the Flemish glass to the very classic look of the chateau style of windows, are sure to give your entrance way just the look you want. You can choose from the minimal design, to a glass that is fully etched and has amazing detail and intricate patterns. We know that we can help you find just the door you want, so give us a call today in order to discuss your needs.


If you are looking for alder wood doors, we have a great selection you can take advantage of. Remember that we also make custom doors if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for.