Options In Styles Of Patio Doors


There are several different ways to design a door system between the home and the outdoor living space. Unique styles of traditional patio doors can be considered as well.

By considering what types of doors will look best in space, and also the practical nature of the various configuration, you will find that the wood doors offered at Nick’s Building Supply are a great option. However, to fully understand why we have that opinion, let’s take a closer look at the choices.

Typical Sliding Doors

Many homes were originally constructed with sliding or by-pass doors. These are generally all very standard and include two solid panels of glass, typically with a vinyl or aluminum type of frame. Some also have an additional sliding screen that is a good option in the summer to let the breeze in and keep bugs and insects out.

These doors operate on a track, and the track can easily become damaged, leading to problems with opening and closing the doors. Typically these doors are very difficult to repair, and cracks or breakage of one of the large panels is often very expensive, so most people simply replace these patio doors in those situations.


French Doors

We offer several different styles of French doors that are perfect for the patio, all designed with

quality wood, so they will last for decades. With the traditional French design they close to the center allowing one or both doors to open depending on your needs, and without the need for those annoying tracks.

With our French style of patio doors, you can choose multiple types of glass, including frosted glass or cammed glass that is patterned and elegant. We also offer the traditional 15 lite styles in the

doors or other options with a bottom wood panel.

The Single Door Option

It is possible to add sidelights to our doors, which adds even more to the look of this very busy entrance to your home. For a patio or balcony off of a kitchen, living room or master bedroom this extra detail around the sides of the doors makes a definite style statement.

You may also want to consider a single type of door for patio doors. This is a great idea for a small wall area, and by choosing a beautiful wood door with a larger lite you can create a terrific and balanced look from both the exterior and the interior of the home.