3 Reasons To Choose Stained Doors Over Painted Doors


When people choose our wood doors, they are only getting the very finest in quality materials. At Nick’s Building Supply we carefully select the wood for the grain, natural color and natural durability, which is why our doors are made from African mahogany, knotty alder, oak and even teak.

Another service we provide our customers with is to custom stain your doors. Sometimes we get asked why we recommend stained doors and not painted doors, and we have several reasons why we feel this is the best way to highlight our amazing door designs.

Natural Wood Beauty

With stained doors, all that natural wood beauty is on display. An artfully-designed and crafted door is a welcome to your home that also gives a rich, luxurious look to the front, side or back entrance.

In the interior, these doors can be a perfect match with any type of décor. Doors in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and even the laundry or basement can be stained to allow the grain to show through, but still give that warm and comfortable look.

Less Maintenance

Stain, unlike paint, is actually absorbed into the top layer of the wood, meaning that slight scratches or scuffs on the door will not be visible and will blend into the door.

With paint, which creates a layer over the surface of the wood, scratches that penetrate that layer will leave a noticeable dark or light area. This means sanding, repainting and trying to match colors.

With virtually all types of dirt, stained doors can be cleaned with a cloth, warm water and some mild soap. Paint is more likely to stain and result in the need to use cleaning solvents that can cause paint discoloration.

More Versatility

When doors are painted, particularly when they are painted trendy and in vogue colors, they can quickly go out of style or start to look dated. When people want to repaint it requires stripping all the old paint of the door, sanding, and then repainting.

With stain, which is limited to natural wood colors, there is less need to change the color of stained doors to match with a change in décor or room color choices. The natural wood color is more neutral, matching with bright, vibrant colors to soft pastels or even modern white and black décor options.

We could go on with the list of reasons to choose stain over paint for our doors, and we are sure you have some good ideas of your own. Spend some time viewing the doors we have in stock, and you will see just how they will blend in with any home décor and style.