A Guide For Decorating Wood Doors

Our customers, many who have uniquely designed their own wood doors as front, back and side entrances to their homes, often have questions about seasonal decorations and our doors.

Generally, with all of our top-quality wood doors, decorations and lights, particularly over the Christmas season, can add a very picturesque look to a home. However, it is important to carefully select the decorations and how you attach them to the door to avoid any type of damage.

No Staples or Nails

It goes without saying that stapling or nailing lights or other types of decorations to our top-quality and custom-designed doors is not something that is ever recommended.

There are several options for hanging lights or heavier items around a door that will not cause any damage to the wood door or the frame. Small-suction cup types of fasteners can be very effective and will not leave any adhesive residue or any damage to the wood surface.

There are also some specialized products made by a number of companies that provide a temporary adhesive hold. These will work in warmer climates but are not always effective in cold climates or wet areas of the country. They may also leave a slight residue, so you may want to consider attaching them to the siding or the glass in the door rather than the wood itself.

Decorate from the Inside

In colder climates, or where snow or rain may be an issue, consider applying your lights to the inside of the door. A new technology in LED light strands makes this is a very good option and also extends the life of the lights. Decorations on the inside of the home are also much less likely to break.

Wreaths for All Seasons

Typically our doors are works of art on their own, but if you do wish to hang a seasonal wreath on the door, use a thin metal hook that slips over the top of the door. Look for one that has a cork or a fabric lining that will not scratch or scuff the door.

Another option, and one that is increasingly popular, is to position the wreath to the side of the door on the house itself. Depending on the type of material there are several different permanent or temporary types of fasteners that can be used.

To further protect your wood doors while still providing lots of decorating possibilities, consider larger plants or seasonal decorations that can flank the door. You can light these up or use spotlights or floodlights to create the look of the season without any damage to your door.