4 Signs It’s Time To Change Existing Exterior Doors

It is always surprising how many people start doing a home renovation and don’t give any consideration to changing their doors. Then, once the exterior renovation is completed, they can’t quite put their finger on just what isn’t right in the picture.

For any exterior renovation, or just to give a home an updated look, changing the old exterior doors for new, innovative and quality wood doors can make a very big difference. Knowing when to change the doors on a home means checking for the following four signs of problems.

Same As the Other Doors in the Neighborhood

Going through all the work and cost of a home renovation means that you want a home that looks different, new and original. Keeping the same old doors on the home isn’t going to accomplish this goal, but upgrading to new exterior doors will create that distinctive look.

Remember, the doors to your home are one of the first things that people notice. This includes people driving or walking by the home or those actually coming for a visit.

Looks Old and Damaged

When the front, back or side door to a home looks old, damaged and out of style, changing it for something new is a great idea. At Nick’s Building Supply we offer a range of different door styles from rustic to classic, and we are sure you will find a door design that perfectly matches the look you want for your home.

Upgrading your door to a wood door also provides for the beauty of natural wood. Often this change from the almost cold look of the manmade materials used in most doors changes the look of the home.

Doesn’t Match the Style

Old styles of doors, particularly those common types of aluminum, vinyl and steel doors simply don’t match the look of modern siding, natural stone or brick homes. When the door doesn’t match the look or the style of the home, it creates a disconnect and a look of a renovation that isn’t finished.

With our styles of wood doors for any entrance, your renovation or upgrade will look finished, polished and complete. We even have contemporary styles in our single and double doors that will be very eye-catching and work well with many home designs.

No Character

Finally, with our carefully-crafted in-stock exterior doors, or even our fully custom-designed doors, you can put the missing character into your entrances. This not only adds to the look of the home but also to the value.

With the right exterior doors, your home will have curb appeal, a welcoming look and an entrance that you will be proud of for a lifetime.