Adding Sidelights To Entrance Doors


It is amazing how adding sidelights, also sometimes written as sidelites, can make a difference in an entrance. Any style of entrance doors can be paired with sidelights or a sidelight depending on the shape, design and the size of the entrance.

With our carefully-crafted, beautifully-designed and custom-stained entrance doors, the addition of sidelights is really like the icing on the cake. We match our sidelights perfectly with the style of the door, incorporating the key design elements throughout all components, which turns a simple entrance into a central focus for the front of any home.

There are several different options in sidelights, and it is important to have an idea of what you want. We can work with your ideas to create the look of the sidelights, and a transom if you like, to frame the door and also add a more open look to your doors.

Styles of Sidelights

There are many different styles of sidelights that work with our in-stock and custom entrance doors. These add-on components will be made with the same lines and design features as the door, but they will be adjusted to fit in the smaller, narrower space.

Sidelights typically feature a significant amount of glass, but they may also have additional elements such as wood panels at the top and bottom. For a more rustic-looking door, including our knotty alder doors with a speakeasy grill, wrought-iron grill work can also be found on the sidelights, which gives a unique look to an entrance.

Caming in the glass, or the choice of an artisan glass, is one way to add additional privacy to this larger glass area. With a frosted or opaque glass, it is impossible to see into the interior of the home with clarity, but it still allows natural light from outside into the entrance.

Operable and Active Sidelights

We offer two different types of sidelights for many of our entrance doors. One is an operable sidelight, which allows the lite or the glass panel to open and close similar to a side window.

An active sidelight is very different and acts like a narrow additional door. The main door and the active sidelight open similar to French doors, giving you the option to have a door and half opening.

With all the options in designs and the choice of different features in our sidelights, there are endless combinations of entrance doors to create. If you need help, get in touch, our staff is here to ensure you get the look you want for your home.