Creating A French Provincial Room Including Traditional French Doors


The French provincial style, which is sometimes referred to as French country décor, is a great option for any room of the home. It is often seen in a bedroom, but you can also create a French provincial kitchen, home office, reading room, living room or even an entire home style.

The hallmark elements of the French provincial style include the use of natural stone options for the floor and countertops. This is typically a weathered or antique look, and it often features a specific paving style known as the French pattern. This is series of different square and rectangular tiles that

form a pattern throughout the floor eliminating straight grout lines.

Other features include a very open look to a room, a rustic and Old World design element and a look of classic and timeless elements in combination with truly rustic features and components. Distressed wood is very popular both for cabinets and wooden furniture as well as on classic French doors.

Open Spaces

In the French provincial style, which is similar to a country-home look, there is the need to create that feeling of open space. In these homes, you will typically see French doors throughout the home, particularly in the interior of the home as well as to the patio and outdoor living space.

To further create the look of open spaces, light colors are typically found on the walls and in window treatments. This can include white and off-white colors with accents of a rich, sunny yellow, cobalt blues, forest greens, rusts, reds and even blacks and gray.

Rustic Elements

It is very common to see natural wood moldings and baseboards, and these can be stained to match the French doors. With a distressed look to the stain, the doors and the molding will blend in perfectly with the rustic look, but still add that class and elegance that is a key factor in this design and décor option.

Additionally, with the true French provincial style, look for fixtures in Old World styles using brass and copper or perhaps even wrought iron. Attention to detail with more ornate designs, such as textures on the walls or in curtains and furniture, all give that look of casual elegance and comfort.

A French country décor is a wonderful option for any home. By using the beautifully custom-stained French doors we offer you can have complete attention to the traditional design while still having a modern living space.