Adding To The Style Of Double Doors


One of the reasons that double doors are so popular on mid to larger-sized homes is that there are so many options to add to the style of these doors. This is particularly true with our door options as we provide our customers with the ability to custom select glass, and to choose their own stain color to create just the look they want.

However, this isn’t where our personalization options end for our doors. Since we manufacture our doors in-house, we have the ability to also create beautiful additional design elements such as transoms and sidelites to match perfectly with your doors.

These design elements aren’t just for looks. In fact, they can be very practical additions to the home that allow in a breeze, bring in more light and even create just the look of classic or contemporary style desired.


The craftsmen at Nick’s Building Supply are able to create beautiful transoms to sit above the double doors. Transoms allow additional light into the entrance on the interior of the home, but they also allow interior light to the exterior in the evenings, which adds height and dimension to the entrance.

With the larger double door option, the transom becomes a significant part of the design. It can be rectangular and fairly narrow or wider; that will be your choice. Additionally, you can create a unique look by adding a semi-circle or round-top transom to a traditional doorway, which adds height and openness to the doorway.


We offer both traditional as well as operable sidelights. Traditional sidelights are designed to allow in additional light to the sides of the door and an open, welcoming look.

Operable sidelights can be opened to allow in a breeze, and they can open the entire height of the door or just from the bottom panel of the sidelight up. Either option is a nice addition to the functionality of double doors. We offer screens that are custom fit for the sidelights and we help you keep bugs or airborne matter out of the home.

We also offer the option of an active sidelight, which opens like a smaller door. This is a perfect option for a home where traditional styles of double doors may be too large, but with one traditional and one active sidelight you have the best of both options.