Why You Need Wood Stained Doors

There is a real purity to any wood that has been left in its natural state. For this reason, many people do not stain the wood they use. They do not finish it in preference for that unadulterated wood. Yet, there is much to be said for staining or finishing. Stained doors are an excellent case in point.

What Is Wood Stain?

Staining is a wide ranging label that is applied to almost any mixture of dyes, pigments, solvents and resins that changes the color of wood. The proportion of each substance can affect the outcome of the process making obvious differences in the appearance of such things as stained doors or furniture. The percentage of pigment used in staining affects what is called the clarity.

Advantages of Stained Doors

When it comes to such items as doors, staining is important for several reasons. When stain is applied appropriately and with clear regard to wood type and purpose, the process is beneficial for the wood and the individual who owns the door. Staining doors can result in various advantages. They include both the practical and the aesthetic:

  • Beautifies the wood
  • Adds a richness to the wood
  • Adds a depth
  • Adds the right amount of color – If you want the wood to match the colors of or in your home, you can often achieve that through wood staining
  • Makes the wood waterproof – particularly necessary if the door is an exterior one. A stained exterior, therefore, has a better chance to withstand the elements without warping or losing its vibrant color. Stained doors for the interior may be helpful for bathrooms or near an indoor pool
  • Protection from rotting – Wood can rot. Protection from and prevention of rot is a better route to take. Replacing a wood door can prove to be expensive, environmentally insensitive and unnecessary if a stained one would have stopped this from occurring
  • Blockage of sunlight – Constant exposure to sunlight can damage wood doors. The only way you can possibly prevent this is through staining. Stained doors are less likely to become discolored as a result of sunlight

Stained doors are one means of protecting your investment. They can ensure your wood doors are protected against the elements. Stained doors can also achieve a beauty they may not have reached without staining. At the same time, you can keep the wood natural by applying a clear stain. Talk to a professional about what will work for the doors of your home.

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