The Simplicity Of Wood Shaker Doors

There is a wide variety of doors available in the market today. They vary in sizes, styles and materials. Energy efficiency is another term that is coming into play as well as durability and cost. While some people prefer the ornate, many continue to be drawn to craftsman doors. One particular style they are drawn to is called the Shaker style. This is applicable to everything from inner rooms to furniture and ornamentation. In all matters of life and living, there were to be no exemptions. As a result, there are a style of Shaker furniture, Shaker doors and Shaker design.

Who Are the Shakers?

During the late 1700s, a new religious sect began in England. These people were the Shakers. The group firmly believed in communal living and the shared ownership of property. For these and other reasons, they were persecuted. As a result, just as other religious sects have done before, they immigrated. In 1774, they founded their first village in the United States of America. Here they proceeded to live according to the religious precepts as stated in the Millennial Laws (1821). Revised throughout the 19th century, these regulations prescribed how the Shakers were to conduct themselves in all aspects of their lives. These law applied even to architecture.

Design Philosophy

One of the basic concepts or philosophy of design was utilitarianism. Every object in a Shaker home must have a purpose. Shaker furniture, Shaker doors, Shaker rugs, and all objects and aspects of décor must conform to this principle. As functional objects, they were to be constructed and treated accordingly.

In addition to function, the second rule governing the construction and crafting of any such item was simplicity. They did not believe functional objects required any type of ornamentation. There was to be no frills or decorations. They felt, “Whatever is fashioned, let it be plain and simple and for the good.” As a result, what arose was a distinctive style of the decorative arts and architecture.

Yet, this did not mean the work they produced lacked beauty. While plain and unadorned, they worked hard to produce a fine product. Shaker doors were created with finesse, being honed from the finest wood available to what seems perfection. This is a natural progression of their religious belief that the quality of everything they craft is a tribute to God.

Shaker Doors

Today, Shaker doors are considered a part of the Arts & Craft movement. They are plain and simple. They have a recessed central panel or panels. These are traditional doors with a grace and elegance that has nothing to do with ornamentation or heavy decoration. These are subtly but carefully crafted wood doors that add a country or pioneer touch to any home.

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