Front Entrance Decorating with Craftsman Doors


Adding a new front door to a home can turn a basic front entrance into an inviting, welcoming, and beautiful area for a house of any size. From small to large homes of any age, craftsman doors can be a perfect addition for elegance and classic design.


At Nick’s Building Supply, we have a great selection of these types of doors. We make the traditional doors of this style with the dentil shelf that is so iconic, but we also have more modern types of options without the shelf and with more lites.


As craftsman doors are very simple and clean in their lines and style, they are a great door to dress up or down for a beautiful front porch area. Even if you don’t have a front deck, you can still add some decorative touches that bring out the look of the natural wood and style of these doors.


Keep it Simple


For those who enjoy a clean, open area by the door, choosing a craftsman style of door and adding decorative side lites, which carry the glass through the design from the door to the lites, is a great option.


Of course, you can also frame the door the same as the windows, and even paint the molding the same color to give it a complete look. This is also a nice option if you have a railing around the porch area, especially if the trim color is carried through the railing and deck pillars or posts. With the door, natural wood colors, including darker or lighter stains, highlight the door while still providing a uniform look.


Dress it up


Seasonal plants in terra cotta, ceramic, or even natural wood planters look stunning framing craftsman doors. You can choose bright-colored floral plants or stay with natural greenery such as ferns, ivy or pothos. They make a striking presentation when the door is stained as the greenery pops against the background of the door and the home.


Wrought iron planters or porch chairs and tables are a more elegant design while wooden rockers or Adirondack chairs invite people to sit down and just watch the world go by.


We find that craftsman doors are one of the most popular and most versatile styles of doors we have in stock. With options for single or double doors, side lites, and transoms, these are doors you will enjoy for years to come.