Are Arched Doors Right for your home Entrance?


We understand the beauty and attraction of arched doors for new home constructions, as well as for upgrades to existing homes. At Nick’s Building Supply, we get a lot of customers asking if an arched top door will work in any entrance.

Our answer to that question is always yes, as we have both single and double doors that will work for any home. We also have transom and sidelight combinations that can be used to make a single- or a double-arched door look amazing. They are perfect for larger entrances or when a homeowner really wants to create a unique look to their home.


Options to Consider


With arched doors, there are limitless style combinations with woods, glass and the actual design of the door itself. You can choose a solid door, which will look rustic and substantial, yet very warm and welcoming. Add a speakeasy grill and clavos for a true Old European look, or perhaps add a carved panel or a unique paneling pattern for more detail and charm.


To create a more modern look, consider our more open styles of doors with larger window areas. These can be very geometric and linear, perfect for a modern or contemporary style of home design. We also have the classic look of a French-style double door in a rounded top, or perhaps consider the very detailed caming or chateau glass options for a traditional and classic look.




We sell all of our exterior arched doors as pre-hung doors. This minimizes the difficulty in installing these doors in your home, but it is still highly recommended to have a professional do the work for you.


There is a definite skill required to installing arch-top doors, so they are leveled with the rough opening. Additionally, if you are going to use brick or natural stone for the exterior of your home, this material can be carefully installed to follow the lines of the door, emphasizing the beautiful arch at the top and the gentle slope of the sides.


Choosing arched doors, either as single or double entrance doors, is a beautiful look for any home. With our large inventory of different styles and the option to custom-design your own unique door, we know we have the right match for your new home or home renovation project.