Entrance Renovations with round top Doors


While most people would love to be able to design a dream home and have it custom-built to order, most of us live in homes built by a general contractor based on a set of standard design plans.


However, at Nick’s Building Supply, we don’t think that should limit your ability to have a unique look in your home, starting with upgrading to a stylish front door with your next renovation. Many of our customers choose to step away from a standard door style and instead go with beautiful, unique, and customized round-top doors from our selection.


Single or Double


One of the great design features of our round-top or arched-top doors is the option to choose a single door or a double door style. The single round-top doors are an ideal match for a smaller entrance way, while the double designs are perfect for a larger area. We also have styles with a more pronounced rounded shape or a more gentle arch, allowing you to have the style and design that works best with your home’s architectural style.


Another option to consider is to choose a single arched-top door and add a continual side lite and transom combination. This makes a stunning-looking entrance, plus it also allows natural light into the entrance of the home. With your doors, you have the option to choose your glass and side lite designs, allowing you to create just the look you want.


Ornate or Classic Elegance


To add even more to the versatility of our round doors is the option to choose a rustic design, complete with clavos and a wrought-iron speakeasy grill, or to choose an elegant and more ornate designs, perhaps with a carved center panel.


Both offer a completely new look to your home without the need for major modifications to the home. As our exterior doors all come pre-hung, your carpenter or contractor can simply modify your existing rough opening and slide the new round door into place.


To add to the look, and to your home design, we also provide full finishing and staining for all our round-top doors, including our custom-designed doors. When they arrive to you, they will be perfectly stained and sealed using UV-protectant stains and sealers that will keep your doors looking beautiful for years to come; a perfect addition to your home renovation project.