Creating a Warm Welcome with Double Doors


Often, people see larger entrances on homes as imposing, overwhelming and perhaps not in balance or harmony with the architectural design of the home. This certainly can be the case if the double doors are not correctly matched with the home, but this is more of an issue of selection rather than a negative on the actual use of larger entry spaces.

Having the benefit of two doors as opposed to just one, particularly for a front entrance, does make a lot of practical sense. Not only will it add beauty to the front of the home, but it also adds to the physical space when welcoming guests, if you have to move larger items in and out of the home, or to create just the look you want.

At Nick’s Building Supply, we have an extensive line of double doors that are designed and crafted with all types of homes in mind. With the option to customize the features on many of our doors, as well as the opportunity to create your own one-of-a-kind door, we know you will find the door system that matches the look you want.


A Welcoming Look

To get away from the more imposing or formal look to a larger entrance featuring two doors, we recommend the use of sidelites and transoms. Sidelites, which are the glass and wood narrow panels on either side of the doors, not only let in natural sunlight, but they also add a design element.

A transom is the addition above the door, which is designed to match the style of the doors and can becombined with the sidelites. The result is a door that becomes a central focus while also looking inviting, open and bright.

Carved doors can be the perfect addition to any home, and the carving, which we do by hand, can include your own custom design or one of our classics.


A Rustic Look

Some of the most popular double doors we have at Nick’s Building Supply are the rustic doors. These can include the Old World European look in knotty alder, a beautiful addition to any style of home.

To add a decorative element you can use the traditional clavos, the large decorative iron nails in the design, or perhaps wrought-iron speakeasy grills and matching wrought ironwork through the sidelites and transom.

Another look that is classically American are either the Shaker or Mission doors, as well as the always popular Craftsman doors. You really need to spend some time browsing our selection and gallery. We know you will find double doors you’ll love.