Interior Design Ideas with French Doors


When most people hear the term French doors, their first thought is about exterior doors, more specifically, patio doors. Historically, and even in current trendy designer homes, these doors are used as interior doors.

The reason why French doors are associated with interior use is because of the various design options offered. At Nick’s Building Supply, we have the very traditional styles of these doors, as well as some unique options in both actual door design and glass choice.

By mixing and matching different sets of these French-style interior doors, either as single or double doors, with our unique glass options, you can create a wonderful match to any decor or room theme.


Small Spaces

For a small home, traditional types of doors can be very restricting and make a small room look even smaller. For a home office, entertainment room or even a sunroom or kitchen, using French doors opens up space, even when the doors are closed.

Combining a French door, either as a sliding or by-pass door or a traditional opening out or in design, with a light wall and flooring color really makes spaces look and feel bigger. With the doors closed, there is still privacy, but you won’t have that closed-in feeling. Choosing a light stain or a natural wood color keeps that light, airy look with clear glass or with a more opaque glass.


Classic Designs

For a more formal room, such as a dining room, perhaps a library, den area, or even for a home theater, going with double French doors in a dark stain can add a very dramatic look.

Open or closed, the darker wood will provide a beautiful color frame and will match with leather upholstery, darker colors on the floors and walls. With the doors closed, they will provide an effective sound barrier, but still give that feeling of space and the ability to see out into other rooms.

We make our interior French doors from mahogany or red oak, and we offer some beautiful design features. Our detailed fluting provides a frame for the panes, and the unique corner rosettes give a very classic and elegant look to the doors, very different than the designs we use for our exterior French styled doors.

These types of doors are a great addition to an older home or a very new custom home design. With different stains and designs features, they will look terrific and give you a lifetime of beauty and style.