Designing Options with Shaker Doors

The Shaker style of clean lines, inset panels, and wider rails and stiles is very popular in cabinetry and furniture making, as well as in both interior and exterior door designs. Shaker doors are some of our most requested styles, and they are practical and easy to use in any type of home decor and design.

Before getting started, the hallmark of all Shaker styles is straight, balanced, and symmetrical designs. These include the stiles, or the vertical frames around the panel, and the rails, the horizontal frames around the panel. Traditionally, this geometry is the only design on the door, but newer styles include lites and glass panels that add a whole new design element to these traditional favorites.

In the Kitchen

If you are installing a traditional type of kitchen cabinets, you may be using the Shaker style. For kitchen doors, whether exterior or interior doors, adding Shaker doors that complement the pattern found in the cabinet doors is a great look.

While traditionally these doors are stained to display the look of the natural wood, which is the way the Shakers would have these doors and cabinets displayed, today they are often painted. Painting the doors to match the cabinets and features in the kitchen is the favorite look for many people, while others go for a light or dark natural stain.

For Bedrooms and Bathrooms

With our options in Shaker doors, finding the right style to match your bedroom and bathroom decor and design won’t be difficult. A really great look for a rustic or modern decor is to go for the five panel doors, which can be paired with our Shaker bi-fold doors to match closet doors to the room’s entrance doors.

For bathrooms, we suggest you consider the same style of door, but instead of wood panels try a privacy glass. Frosted, reed, or rain glass brings in light and makes a small bathroom look much larger while still providing privacy.

Shaker doors are also terrific for storage closets, libraries, dens, and home offices. And with the different stains and wood options available, they can be perfectly matched to your color scheme and design. With all the options in Shaker doors for any room of the home, it’s easy to see why they are so popular.