Adding French Doors for a Romantic Bedroom Design

For many new homes and custom designed homes, having access to a small outside patio or a balcony off the master bedroom is a highly desirable option. This is a wonderful way to let in natural light, to allow you to sit and relax on your own private deck or balcony, or just to enjoy a beautiful sunset or sunrise from the comfort of your bed or bedroom living area.

Having a well-designed set of French doors as opposed to old styles of sliding, single-glass pane bypass doors enhances both the look and the style of your home. With our different designs of French patio doors we can help you find just the level of openness and privacy you need to create this look.

Natural Wood for Beauty

While many people assume all French doors are white with the multiple 8-lite styles of design, we like to offer a much wider selection. All of our French styles of exterior patio doors are designed to meet in the middle and open either to the inside or outside of the room.

For bedroom patios and balconies, opening to the interior of the room is often the preferred option, particularly if it is a small outdoor area. However, our styles and designs offer a range of different options, allowing you to create the configuration that’s perfect for you.

We also offer hardwood doors that can be stained in any shade, from light to dark, to match your bedroom colors and decor. By choosing our natural wood, your doors will always match your bedroom color scheme and you can change it as often as you want without having to replace the doors.

The Glass Options

For a full view to your home surroundings, which is perfect if the bedroom is on an upper level or if it opens up to private, landscaped area, clear glass is as wonderful option. Not only will this allow natural light in, but if you enjoy gardening you can look out over your landscaping and just relax and take in the beauty.

With a ground-level bedroom or perhaps in a more urban setting, choosing a glass with caming and combinations of frosted, rain, Flemish or an artisan glass such as our Majestic, Sierra or Builder Zinc, you get more privacy and still be able to look outside and have gentle, diffuse natural light during the day.

Finding the right French doors for a bedroom will take some time, but with our pre-designed options and our ability to customize any doors, we will create the perfect doors for your home.