Round-top Doors for Small Homes

There is something comforting, relaxing and welcoming in smaller homes, and enhancing that welcoming look with round-top doors is always a great option. Perhaps this design and style works so well with small homes because it looks so classic and traditional, almost like a cottage from a painting made a long time ago.

Selecting a door with a round top for a smaller home has benefits beyond the look, as well. As it tends to draw the eye up to the highest part of the arch or semi-circle of the top shape, it gives the impression of height, making a smaller space look larger.

It also allows you to mount lights higher up on the home, further adding to the creation of more light and space. These two factors, while subtle, can make a big change to the look of a small front entrance in any style of home.

Solid Wood

Solid doors provide a sturdy, strong and luxurious look, particularly when made out of rich mahogany. At Nick’s Building Supply, we offer our round-top doors made of Sapele African mahogany, which has a beautiful ribbon-like grain and an amazing natural color and luster.

Once these doors are stained and sealed, you have a door you will love for a lifetime. They are elegant without being over the top, and they add a classic touch to a more formal entrance.

Glass Doors

Adding a touch of light and design with caming and different types of glass to make patterns in the top of the door creates an amazing effect. The glass will have the corresponding arch to match the round-top doors, really emphasizing its unique shape.

We can also develop a wrap-around type of transom and sidelight combination that can match the interior glass and door design, which further enhances the appeal of these uniquely shaped doors. This combination will let in more light, but also slightly adds to the overall width of the door, still making it a good option even for a smaller house.

With these doors, it is also possible to choose a very rustic style, very much in keeping with the look of a European cottage or villa. We particularly like these round-top doors made out of knotty alder, a wood that brings out that Old World, hand-crafted look like no other wood possibly can.