Creating Custom Carved Doors For Businesses

While many of our customers are residential homeowners, we also have a significant demand for customized doors for businesses. We offer a range of carved–door styles that can be customized for a business. Alternatively, our staff is also able to work with you to create your own unique door design.

If you are considering getting customized doors for a business, think about adding hand carving to the design as a way to integrate elements of your business name, motto or logo.

Overall Shape

For a business, there are really no restrictions on the shape of the carved doors, if you own the commercial building. If you are renting a building and want to have your own custom door installed, it is cost-effective to choose doors that will work with the existing shape and size of the rough opening.

Additionally, if you are going to change the doors of the building, ensure this is allowed within your lease agreement. Typically, you will have to store the existing doors and put them back on when moving out, allowing you to take your custom doors should wherever and whenever you choose to move.

The shape can range from the standard, single rectangular doors with any type of style or design, to double, arched, or rounded doors. For many businesses, the double door option provides a larger entrance and more elaborate area for the design, which is very appealing.

The Design

On commercial properties, having doorways that stand out is a great way to enhance your branding. Adding a company logo, an iconic image or a company name or monogram is also a very elegant touch.

You may also want to consider carved doors that feature a shape or design that is symbolic of your business or industry. For example, an elegant restaurant may want to feature a design of grape clusters and leaves, while a resort in the mountains may want a landscape or wildlife element carved on the door.

In addition to the shape, style and design on the door, you will also need to consider if you want to add sidelites and a transom, which can turn a double door entrance into a spectacular focus point for the business. These can be elaborate or understated, but both are sure to make your business stand out.