Front Door Colors And What They Mean

At Nick’s Building Supply, we offer our customers the option to choose from beautiful woods and stains or to paint a natural wood door. While most of our customers do like the look of natural wood, we also have a significant number of customers that paint their front doors either to compliment the colors of their home or to because they have an affinity for a particular color.

While there are no hard rules about this, some colors are related to people’s personalities and their outlook on life. As a fun and entertaining look at colors and what they mean, we offer the following:

  • Blue –the color of the sky, of nature and the great outdoors. Blue is considered a grounded color and is associated with peace and harmony.
  • Red – is highly emphasized in many cultures and in many types of celebrations. Generally a red door is a symbol of welcoming new and old friends and it creates a central point for people to gather.
  • Green – while many people may assume green is the color of nature, which is certainly has elements of, it is also the color of affluence and values. A green painted door can send the message of striving to achieve the maximum possible.
  • Black –is associated with order and structure. Homes with black front doors have a style and a design all of their own, without giving into the norm or what may be the color of the year.
  • White – white doors are very common and they symbolize openness, hospitality and organization. White doors are also a sign of a conservative design and emphasis on space and openness in the home.
  • Yellow – a bright yellow door is like a ray of sunshine, welcoming everyone and adding a bright spot of color to the home. It creates a bright and sunny look to the home that is hard to duplicate.
  • Orange – a home with an orange door is a home full of people who are original, fun-loving and not at all concerned about the status quo.

Of course, our wood front doors also send a message. They express a deep appreciation of the beauty of nature and the wonderful, rich and basic appreciation of the elements nature provides.