Beauty and Beyond with Alder Doors

At Nick’s Building Supply, we offer a top selection of all types of interior and exterior doors. This includes both simple and elegant styles such as the Mission, Shaker, and Craftsman doors, as well as more ornate doors that create entrances that really stand out in the neighborhood.

With all our door options, customers have the option to select the wood they want from the multiple types of wood we use. It is our mission to choose only the best quality wood, as this translates into the most beautiful finish on the doors and the most durable doors for a lifetime of enjoyment.

The two most common kinds of wood we use, both for interior and exterior doors, are mahogany and alder. The benefit with alder doors is that our customers can select from a natural alder or choose a knotty alder wood, which offers a different look and a unique door style.

Grain and Appearance

All of our alder doors are made from wood with a uniform, tight grain that is very easy to stain to a light or dark color that will look terrific either way. The grain is very evident in alder, so having a uniform and tight grain gives a rich look that will blend with a modern door design or a more rustic style.

The knotty alder has the additional features of the random burls or knots that are natural in the wood. These are dark spots in the wood surrounded by a circular or irregular pattern in the grain that is very distinctive from the surrounding straighter grain.

When we stain the knotty alder, those darker knots, which can be small or large, stay darker than the background of the alder wood. This adds to the overall look and gives a rustic yet classic look to doors.

Durable and Strong

With our door construction technology and the use of UV-blocking stains and sealants, our alder doors for home exteriors are both durable as well as beautiful.

These doors can stand up the heat of the sun, the cold of the winter, humid climates or those that are wet and rainy sometimes or all through the year. While alder can be painted, we find that customers who are looking for either clear or knotty alder appreciate the natural beauty and unique grain patterns in the wood.