Appreciating The Design Of Craftsman Doors

Although the American Craftsman style has been around for almost two centuries, it is still one of the most popular and treasured options in architecture in many parts of the United States.

In many historic homes across the country, you will find that the Craftsman style is very evident, including in the wraparound and large sized porches, the square shape of the home and a focus on the design to the front door area from the curb. The lines are clean and crisp with that touch of style and elegance that belongs perfectly to a more traditional look, without being too formal or stuffy-looking.

At Nick’s Building Supply, we offer a wide range of options in Craftsman doors. We have the very traditional styles and some with modern or unique twists that are still noticeable as a Craftsman, but are also just a bit different for those wanting a specific look or style.

The Classic Design

The classic design of a Craftsman front-entrance door will include the long and narrow vertical panels in the door, surrounded by the styles and rails to create a design within the door front. Then, in the top quarter or third of the door you will have the window or the lite, which can duplicate the panel design or include a single rectangular window at the top of the door.

The dentil shelf, the small shelf immediately under the lite, is also very much a part of the classic design in Craftsman doors. This shelf seems to sit on short, square pegs to give an additional design element.

Adding to the Classic

Today, it is possible to have Craftsman doors with more design options than ever. This can include the addition of sidelites around the door on one or both sides, for example. The design of the sidelite can duplicate the design of the door, expanding the appearance of the entrance and adding a focal point to the door.

Additionally, the sidelites we offer can complement the glass selected for the door. Full glass panels are a perfect option to let in more light and brighten up the interior of the entrance. They also provide a more airy and open look to the front of the home.

The sidelites that extend the pattern of the door and have the smaller lights in the top of the door provide privacy, but also let in natural light. These are a beautiful looking option which gives a new look to the classic Craftsman style.