3 Mistakes to Avoid when Ordering Custom Doors

Nick’s Building Supply offers both in-stock doors and doors that can be fully custom designed by our customers and our expert design staff, which will help you design a door with the look that you want and also structurally sound. We know you will love the look of our custom doors on your home, business, or any type of building.

However, not all companies offering custom services for doors, either interior or exterior, provide the same quality of service. Doing your research and talking to a company can help you avoid three very common mistakes when making a custom door purchase.

Not Shopping Around Online

In a big city, there may be several companies or specialty shops offering custom exterior or interior doors. While these can be a great starting point to get ideas and even looking at different woods, it is still important to shop around.

We have over a million doors in stock, and we are also one of the oldest online door sellers in the country. With this experience, we are able to produce the best quality custom doors and have the practical issues, such as design and shipping, down to a science.

Not Working with Custom Door Experts

There are also a lot of people out there who claim to have experience in making customized doors, but really all they are offering is modifications to a standard in-stock door.

We can do that too, and you have the choice of woods, stains, hardware and even glass to make a door more personalized and different. However, we also offer you the option to send in your own drawings or photographs, and we can create a true custom design that is uniquely yours.

Not Having Your Ideas Included in the Design

With our custom doors, the design elements you want will be included on the door. Our experts will make suggestions or let you know if there is a structural or design element that may be problematic and suggest a solution or alternative to create a solid, durable door that still has the style you want.

With this option, you can truly create a one-of-akind custom door for your home or business. We can typically send you the final drawing for approval within just days of your design submission, and then we can get started with the actual construction of your custom door.