Create the Feel of a Total Renovation with Wood Doors


U.S. News and World Report researched which home remodeling projects yield the most return on investment over time. Out of every alteration a homeowner might make, installing a new front door topped the list of wise investments. However, updating all the doors throughout a home can create the feeling that the entire space has been renovated, even though the changes are minor.


Main Entry


The article notes that it’s not simply a matter of putting something new in place. The style and quality have to match existing pieces and compliment the house’s design. Because the main entry is used so much and is visible from the street, it’s one of the first things guests and prospective home buyers notice. This is why it’s a wise investment to update an older entry with a new high-quality wood door. The look and texture of real wood inspires a sense of luxuriousness and solid craftsmanship. Changing out this single piece has a huge impact, as it instills a sense of security and sets the tone, felt throughout the entire residence.




Nowadays, the garage receives just as much, if not more, use as the main entry. On average, it also occupies one-third of a home’s street-facing view. For this reason, updating a garage with a new wooden door has as much impact as changing the front door. Many of the modern-styles lack character and are vacant of aesthetic appeal. The look of a home can be totally overhauled by simply changing out the garage door. Wood naturally creates a timeless and classic appearance, and this can be further embellished with the addition of decorative hardware and custom finishes.




Many newer homes have cheap plywood doors installed throughout the interior. Because this is the standard, replacing them with wood doors signals to potential home buyers that they’re examining a high-quality residence. This attention to seemingly small details sets an overall tone of true craftsmanship, and it frequently encourages buyers to pay more for the house.




Although exterior doors are often tucked away, including them in a mini-makeover is the crowning touch. The effect is amplified when the space in question is part of a main living area, such as an exit from a kitchen or dining area to the back yard. In these situations, aesthetics is essential, as a family will likely be within viewing-range of the piece for over an hour every day. It simply makes sense to replace these exterior doors with new wood ones that showcase personality and warmth.


No other home renovation has the impact that updating doors does. They can change the entire feel of a residence in a single step. They’re also one of the least-expensive options, which means a homeowner is more likely to see a return on their investment, whether the house is sold immediately or a decade later.