3 Unique Entrance Doors For Any Home


We pride ourselves in creating a range of different styles of entrance doors perfect for any home from a smaller bungalow to a luxury custom designed mansion. We believe a door is more than just a way to get in and out of a home. It is a statement of your personal style and is the first thing visitors to your home notice when they arrive.


While there is always the option to have a simple, plain, mass produced metal or composite material door, we believe a beautifully designed, top quality wood door speaks for itself. The richness and warmth of the wood combined with excellence in style and design sets adds to the look of your home while also providing energy efficiency.


To add to the look of your home consider these three unique types of entrance doors. We have them in stock with options to customize or, if you prefer, you can create your own unique door to be truly one of a kind.


Craftsman Doors


Craftsman doors are uniquely American in their design and really highlight the beauty of the rich wood. These are some of our most popular outside door designs since they are solid and strong but also have a range of features to make them a perfect match for virtually any home style.


Craftsman doors are unique with their small ledge under the window and the option to leave the doors simple or add one or two side lights and a transom for both style and light.


Arched Doors


An arched door adds a lot of character to a home, particularly a home more traditional in style and design. Arched doors are unique, unusual and uncommon, perfect for someone who wants to add distinction to a home but also stay traditional.


Arched doors can feature the same combinations of transom and side light options as other doors and, with different styles to the glass, they can be very interesting in their lines and designs.


Carved Doors


For real elegance a carved wooden entrance doors is very difficult to beat. Our craftsmen carve the doors to create just the design you want or you can choose one of our elegant pre-set designs.


These doors are sometimes called lodge doors and they can feature natural scenes or you can select a more geometric or minimally patterned door for a more subtle look. Regardless of which carved, arched or Craftsman door you choose we are sure you are going to enjoy the way it looks on your home.