Top Reasons To Invest In A Top Exterior Door


We understand when you are shopping for a replacement exterior door you have a lot of different choices. We know you can shop at the local hardware and lumber store or the big box hardware store down the street.


These stores will have a fairly good selection of doors for your entrance and they will typically be of average or above average quality, cost and craftsmanship. However, we also know those are the same doors everyone else in your neighborhood, community and city is going to consider as well.


We believe a high-quality door for any home is a good investment. There are actually several reasons why our doors are better than those available in your local store, but we think the following are the most important considerations.


Adds Visual Appeal


The first thing anyone notices when they first come to your home is your exterior door. This is true if they are coming in the back entrance or driving up to your home from the front street.


By having a beautiful door highlighting craftsmanship and a unique look matching with the rest of your home, you are sending a message. Your home and door will be noted and remembered.


Update an Older Home


Our doors are timeless in their style and design, making them the perfect option for an upgrade. Since our exterior door designs come pre-hung it isn’t difficult to simply remove an existing door and put in a new door.


Choosing from hundreds of different styles, wood and stain combinations as well as having the option to create a custom door is a great way to update the entire look of your home. We even have some very unique hardware for your door to really bring the look together.


Security and Safety


While our doors are designed for beauty and style, they are also very secure, solid in construction, and extremely safe. We even offer doors which are fire rated or designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including hurricanes and winter weather.


Add to this, our three point lock systems and you have very secure exterior door which adds true value. With multiple styles, features and options, we are sure you will find just the door for your new or existing home to give it a one of a kind look.