How to Choose the Right Wooden Doors for Your Garage


Wooden doors give a home added beauty. Their classic appearance delivers curb-appeal, and they’re more customizable than other alternatives. Today’s models also have modern conveniences built in, so they’re highly-functional as well. However, there are a few things to consider when selecting the right wooden doors for your garage. Use the following guide to help choose the door that fits your needs best.


Types of Wooden Garage Doors

  • Bifold
  • Sectional
  • Sliding
  • Swing

Your existing setup will help determine which door type you need. It’s possible to convert to another type with hardware changes, too. Bifold doors are similar to the accordion doors commonly used in closets. They require a small amount of space outside the garage to open them, and they’re usually manually operated. Sectional doors are the most common ones used today. Most often, they utilize a motorized opener to pull multiple hinged horizontal panels into an overhead position. Sliding doors are also used, and they generally consist of two panels that glide side-to-side by hand. Swing doors open manually in the same fashion as a home’s front door, like a gate.




Most garage doors, whether wooden or another variety, come in standard sizes. They’re generally sold as one-car or two-car models, though some manufacturers sell custom-fitted ones by measured dimensions. It’s always a good idea to measure your space before you purchase.




Obviously, wood is the material of choice. Nonetheless, modern technology allows for hybrid products, too. If maintaining a more consistent garage temperature is important to you, you may wish to select a variety with built-in insulation. UV coating is also offered by certain manufacturers, as well.




Not all wooden garage doors are built equally. Look for signs of high-quality craftsmanship. Examine the joints of sample pieces, as well as the quality of wood being used. Added touches, like drip edges, will go a long way in preserving the piece for years to come.




You will also want to put thought into how you’d like your door coated. Some wooden doors are best suited for paint, while others are designed to be stained. Be sure the coating applied is outdoor grade, as many of the most common ones are intended for indoor-use only. This is another time when UV coating should be considered, as it helps protect your investment from the elements, as well as from yellowing or cracking.




Lastly, design comes into play. It seems counter-intuitive to search for features before appearance, but it lends to a higher-quality piece and long-lasting use. At this point, you may consider if you want windows, also called lites, as well as how many, and their positions. You’ll also need to consider the home’s architecture and choose a door that compliments the style. The hardware needed to install it may or may not come included, so be sure to check. You may also wish to accessorize with decorative hardware pieces, like handles or hinges.


Overall, it isn’t a complex process, as long as you know what you want and need from the door. In fact, many people find the experience fun, as they’re able to dress up their home a bit. But, if you find yourself stuck or unsure of what will work best for you, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a professional.