Using Rustic Doors to Add Old-World Charm to a Home


The expectation a person has for the feel of a home is often determined before they set foot inside. Curb-appeal, or lack thereof, sets the stage for the overall atmosphere, and the largest determining factor of whether a home has it rests upon the threshold. If utilized well, a rustic door can serve as a gorgeous centerpiece, or simply as a complement to the home’s comprehensive design.


The Rustic Concept


To create a timeless appearance, rustic pieces are often woven into a home’s design theme. In terms of both furniture and doors, pieces take on a classic hand-crafted look with an emphasis on quality. Unlike the hodgepodge décor of today, rustic items are often made of thick wood, which allows them to be incredibly durable. They also have precision-cut joins, rather than relying on an adhesive alone to hold them together. Of course, knock-offs and low-cost reproductions are often made, but a true rustic item is built to last, and inferior products are usually easy to spot. Most often, these quality pieces have a raw or unfinished look, and possess an incredible amount of character as a result of the wood grain and knots, which are left visible. Stains in natural wood hues are used to allow the item’s beauty and individuality to show through. Rustic doors meld best with specific design elements.


Homes with Spanish or Italian Influence


Homes that are built with a Spanish or Italian feel to them are more authentic when a rustic door adorns the façade. Often paired with stucco and other natural elements, these homes yearn for the old-world feel of wood. Hues of red, yellow, and brown can be selected to match surrounding vegetation and compliment the home’s color. A Mediterranean home will have added pizzazz when paired with an ornate door, which is finished off with decorative and functional hardware formed of a dark metal. Although a Spanish-style home may look beautiful with similar embellishments, it will take on a more traditional appearance if left simple, allowing the arches and planks to speak for themselves.


Medieval-Inspired Architecture


It’s said that a man’s home is his castle, and a true palace deserves a formidable entryway. In these homes, a rustic wood door is essential to form a cohesive appearance. Though the passage should be kept simple to blend with traditional stonework and masonry, some creative-license may be taken. It’s best to use dark-brown or black stain for an authentic feel, but wrought-iron hardware can be added to dress the piece up. Generally, large or bulky knockers and handles work well, as does the inclusion of hinges with a wide plate.


Early American Designs


Designs which are considered to be early-American may have a log-cabin feel, or a rural, Little House on the Prairie look. To suit them optimally, a simple design should be selected and light stains should be used to highlight the wood’s grain and knots. Rustic wood doors work best in an understated fashion for these homes, and any hardware selected should be simplistic and functional.


There are many times beyond those noted here when a rustic door is optimal for the home. The decision to select a hand-crafted and classic appearance should be based on the design elements already incorporated, or on the overall intended look. When used well, a rustic door can turn a nice house into a breathtaking home.