A New Look at Traditional French Doors

If you ask most people to describe French doors, the most likely description is the type of double doors used most often for patio and deck doors to and from the house.

A Classic Look

These are the iconic doors with their fifteen or eighteen lites per door divided by wood, or with the lower cost doors, having the wood over the glass to give the illusion or appearance of individual lites.

Doors like this can be found around the world and they are a favorite for good reason. Practical and durable, yet more solid and stylish than a single large panel of glass, they are a great match for any home décor or design.

The key to all of the styles of these doors is that they meet in the middle of the double doors and open from the center point to the outside, giving a full double entrance without any central obstruction. The top and bottom of the door locks into the door jamb and the threshold, providing security while restricting the use of both doors at one time when necessary.

A Different Take

However, the actual style of the French door can be very different than the traditional, and it will give a completely different look. They will still open from that central point, but by changing the style of the door and the lite or lites, you can create a different look to the classic.

For a very open look and one that is perfect to a patio, pool area or balcony, consider a single large panel of glass, also known as a single lite. To give an estate or country-home look consider adding a chateau glass, with its small diamond shaped pattern through the glass, or perhaps a more ornate style of caming with a detailed pattern that is French provincial or Victorian in its style and design.

To create privacy, choose a frosted glass or a Sierra glass that allows a large amount of filtered light in but prevents anyone on the outside from seeing directly into your home. Flemish and rain glass are an intermediate type of privacy glass that gives a very open look to the door and matches with a modern design style.

All of our French doors at Nick’s Building Supply are built with style and design in mind, but also for security, durability and practical use. We can help you find the right doors for your home, just browse our selection or give us a call today.