Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Patio Doors

While many patios are located off the kitchen, there are new home designs and styles that include a patio door off a formal dining room, a living room or even from the master bedroom.

When you are choosing patio doors for these alternate rooms in the home, you may not want to choose something that is casual and informal in style. Instead, you may want doors that are going to add a touch of softness and a romantic look, particularly in a master bedroom, or doors that add light, privacy and design to the living room or dining room area of the home.

Natural Wood

One way to add a touch of rich, warm color and natural beauty to any room of the home is to choose doors that are stained wood rather than a painted wood, a fiberglass or vinyl type of door option.

Wood is a great material to work with since it blends well with any color scheme or design style, and it never goes out of fashion. By avoiding trendy colors of paints on the wood, you can change the room as often as you want to match the latest style and not have to worry about changing anything with the doors.

Different Glass Options

At Nick’s Building Supply, we offer several different types of glass for our patio doors. This includes glass with different types of caming, or the metal worked into patterns in the glass to create a beautiful look.

The patterns range from simple and linear, like our Builder Zinc, to more ornate patterns such as the Sierra, Majestic and the Iron Classic styles. All of these have different types of glass within the pattern, creating a unique look while also helping to preserve privacy. These are a great selection to consider for a bedroom, living room or dining room.

Another great option for a more formal area of the home such as the dining or living room is our very popular Chateau glass. This is clear glass with a beveled edge that features a small diamond-shaped pattern throughout the central glass panel of the door.

With our wide selection of patio doors at Nick’s Building Supply, you will have no difficulty in finding the classic and elegant style you want for any area of the home. These doors add a lot of beauty and appeal to the home from both the inside as well as outside, making them a real investment in your property.