3 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Install Exterior Pre-hung Doors

We only sell our exterior doors as pre-hung systems with the door, jamb and the frame all shipped as it will look on your home. This is also true if you order one of the many doors from Nick’s Building Supply with sidelites and a transom, or just one or the other feature.

Initially, people may assume that because doors are pre-hung are a snap to install. It is true that our pre-hung doors are much easier to install than trying to install a slab door and fit it into an existing door jamb, but it is still not an easy task for someone without experience in working with doors and door installation.

We highly recommend that all of our pre-hung doors are installed by a professional carpenter with experience in custom door installation. These professionals have the tools and the expertise to ensure that the door is completely installed, leveled and balanced in the rough opening, and also ensure it is shimmed and attached to the home to stay in place.

Size and Weight

Our wood doors are solidly built and constructed, and they are a significant weight. Any of our single doors will require at least two people to complete the installation, and larger double door or mansion types of doors with sidelites and transoms may take more professional help.

Leveling these doors, given their weight and size, is no task for someone unfamiliar with what needs to be done. Shimming the jamb in the rough opening and securely fastening the door in place is another element of the job that is difficult due to the weight and size.

Installation Process

There is a specific process or set of steps that has to be followed to install pre-hung doors in a new construction or to replace an existing set of doors. This may include making modifications to the rough opening if you are converting from a single door to a double door or a large door.

A professional carpenter or your general contractor can assist in providing the services needed to ensure that the door is safely, securely and correctly installed. This care with the installation will allow the door to open and close correctly, and for you to be able to enjoy the door without any problems or complications as long as it is in the home.