A Brief History of Arched Doors & Entryways

Have you ever walked through a custom arched entryway and wondered how many people in time have witnessed a similar view? The span of time that links back to arched doors is surprising to some—and with good reason. If you’ve pondered similar thoughts, then looking into a brief history of arched doors and entryways is sure to intrigue you.

Benefits of an Arch

Arches were originally not part of any entryway except to help form a tunnel for practical purposes. The benefits of constructing an arch relied on its ability to disperse weight evenly among all sides. One of the most important parts of a practical arch was the keystone, which locked all the remaining stones at the front in place. This design goes back to the Etruscans but did not find much infrastructural use until the Romans innovated the idea further.

Roman Advancement

The likely origin of the arches and entryways used indoors were from Roman architecture examples. The Romans successfully used the arch’s weight distribution capability by applying it to bridges and aqueducts throughout their empire. As these methods became more standardized, they would likely serve as the foundation of Western architectural style. Through their expansion and history, the Romans generated inspiration for some aspects of what would be known as architecture’s gothic period.

Gothic Period

The early renaissance architecture, referred to as the Gothic style, took heavy inspiration from Romanesque art. This style began to apply a previously practical design into one that would be used in buildings as doors. Round top exterior doors—for example—brought an air of grandeur to a previously unseen room. As a result, many took to the sophistication and added these doors to large buildings meant to send a message to onlookers.

Today, arched doors and entryways serve as a wonderful addition to any home setting that aims to take inspiration from a time of classics and discovery. At the same time, different intricate styles and details keep them unique and beautiful to view. By taking this look into a brief history of arched doors and entryways, hopefully, you are able to appreciate the depth of their nature as well as their story.