5 Interior Design Trends To Watch For in 2022

2022 has been as much of a roller coaster as its predecessor, but that hasn’t gotten in the way of the interior design world. As time presses forward, so do many other things, like technology, preference, and trends. Each unique aspect of life plays an important role in how some people make use of trends in their interior designs. Whether you are looking for a tech-savvy future or a more homey cabin-in-the-woods vibe, there are bound to be several styles that appeal to your tastes. These are five interior design trends to watch for in 2022 that are sure to catch your eye.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

Designers are beginning to make full functional use of multi-purpose spaces that are perfect for both solo and social gathering events at home. They do this by opening up the dividing walls in homes to make the area seem larger while incorporating nearby rooms into the design.

However, opening up these rooms requires the use of different floor patterns and materials. This has been growing in popularity since last year, but you’ll mainly see it in new homes and not renovation projects. The feeling it brings to a home is reminiscent of a modern contemporary design style that plays with bordering materials, contrasting colors, and styled lighting to bring attention to the space as a whole.

Smart Homes

The beauty of smart homes is that the budget for them is flexible and ranges from inexpensive to high-end. Plus, there are many different advantages and effects they bring to daily living. Imagine waking up in the morning and having a freshly brewed cup of coffee ready for you downstairs. As you walk into the kitchen, the lights turn on by themselves, your curtains unveil the early morning sun, and the room lights up with low-glowing LEDs behind your cabinets.

If you described that scene to someone 30 years ago, they would have figured it was possible only in the world of sci-fi. Yet, the tech gurus are sure to rejoice as newer, more efficient items become elegant options for their homes of the future.

However, the truth is that we are still within our means of creating a house that pampers us to our desired needs. Normally, the prices of these items vary with how much setup they save you on a daily basis. But more often than not, casual technology enjoyers can change out parts of their homes piece by piece. Over time, the end result is a self-serving home with an elegant minimalist design for homeowners to enjoy at their leisure.

Sustainable and Natural

As knowledge of the current climate situation spreads to more people, their design choices have followed suit to reflect their beliefs. Sustainable wood has become a staple in newer home setups that play with the idea of bringing the outside into your home. From including plants in your design to using bold wooden furniture, this design trend welcomes the bounties of nature without disrupting its natural cycle.

Anything made out of sustainable wood is fair game as well, from custom-made exterior doors made of dark cedar to dark oak bedframes. The choices are far from limiting and create a wonderfully relaxing experience for those with a soft spot for the outdoors. Professional designers do not skimp on their research, either. Companies with a well-documented history of ethically sourced wood are more likely to find success with this customer base.

Neutral Tones and Bold Patterns

Mixing and matching is the life of the party for styles like boho-chic. As the mid-point of 2022 draws closer, new variations of this idea have come to light. Subtle and muted colors on the walls have a somewhat plain appeal on their own. This doesn’t look bad, depending on the style that you want for your home, but bold patterns help to bring life to these spaces.

Much like the paint on an open canvas, the patterns serve as the extra oomph needed to make the room’s design stand out. Décor is not something to skip out on, and this trend takes full advantage by reversing traditional roles.

Many people like to think that the room’s color must make a statement in itself. Though the wall’s color does play a big part in how people perceive a room, designers have created an interesting trend by focusing more on one aspect than the other. Flipping the idea of a design on its side is a fun new approach that makes people think differently. If you’re looking for a new challenge or want to send a slightly different statement to your home’s visitors, this is the trend to try.

Homey Offices

It’s no surprise that many people are still left working from home. As a result, many people are adding homey offices into their home designs to emphasize a work/life balance. Many home offices include elegant accommodations, such as adding amenities for food and drink. Think of it like working in your office, lounge, and cafeteria all in one space. This is an excellent way to keep you relaxed in a room that sometimes does the opposite. Homey offices are also great for blending your design preference into the space you dedicate to your career.

There are no rules for these areas, from adding extremely comfortable office chairs to extendable armrests to USB mini-fridges. This is because the point is to accentuate your preferred style so that you are comfortable and look forward to working in it for the day. The additions are limitless and aim to fuse work and home life for the better.

By considering these five interior design trends to watch for in 2022, you can hopefully set yourself up with a whole new agenda of plans for your home. It’s fun to see the trends that rise and fall as well as the ideas that brought them to light. Get ready to relax in a completely open living area or play around with your design concepts for an experience that is sure to thrill and please.

5 Interior Design Trends To Watch For in 2022