3 Tips for Hanging Pre-Hung Interior Doors

For those looking for easy renovation hacks for their home, one of the best things to keep in mind is using pre-hung doors. These doors are meant to be installed in an allotted space without too much work involved in the process. To help you out, these are three tips for hanging pre-hung interior doors in your home.

Know Your Preferred Door Position

The last thing anyone wants is to go through the process of installing their pre-hung door and realizing they do not have enough space to open or close it fully. When hanging your door, it is important to know the side the knob is going to be on and the direction in which it will swing open and closed. Paying attention to the position of your split jam, which is what the door hangs on, helps determine these details for you. If you are having someone else install the door, be sure to make it clear how exactly you want your door to open to avoid any confusion.

Fit and Adjust Your Door

Typically, you are going to want a snug fit when your door closes. To ensure there are no extensive gaps, add shims to your hinge locations. Opening and closing your door allows you to adjust the shims to your preference so your door does not look out of place when being used. After nailing the shims into the hinge-side trimmers, cutting them off to avoid protruding from the drywall creates a clean, finished look when everything is finalized and covered.

Mount Your Latches After Hanging

To make installation easier, try installing your latches and knobs after the door has been affixed to its proper position. This prevents scratches and dings when positioning your pre-hung wood interior doors. Keeping the door still allows less room for error and lets you relax without having to balance it in the process.

Installing your pre-hung door is surprisingly easy. By using these three tips for hanging pre-hung interior doors, you’re more likely to get the job done right. Hopefully, your next installation is a clean and smooth success that exemplifies your capability for home renovation.