4 Ways To Reuse & Recycle Old Wood Doors for Shelving

High-quality solid wood is hard to come by. When it’s time to get rid of an old wooden door, don’t toss it away. Instead, give it some new life! Learn about four ways to reuse and recycle old wood doors for shelving.

Display Shelf

It’s common to use bookshelves to display photos and knickknacks. Instead of buying something new, try taking your old wood door and making a display shelf!

The only additional features you’ll need to add for this project are a long piece of wood for the shelf and supports. This is a quick and easy project that will add a rustic flair to your home.

Corner Door Shelf

There’s a corner in your house that’s too small to be functional. Not anymore! Reuse and recycle an old wood door to create corner shelving!

Take a circular saw to cut the door in half. Place the pieces together at a 90-degree angle, use a clamp to hold them in place, and attach the brackets to finish securing the pieces back together. You’ll need additional wood pieces to create the shelves so you don’t take away from the wood door itself.

If you have a door with windows on the top half, take out the windows and leave a hollow space. You won’t have as much shelving as a door without windows, but it will still add the same rustic character your home needs.

A Practical Shelving Unit

Instead of a display shelf, you may want several shelves that you can decorate and store items on. Take an old solid wood door with panels to create this simple farmhouse shelving unit.

Use a jigsaw to cut out the panels, then sand the edges of the panels and the door where the panels were removed. Use paint or a finish to create your desired look. Then, install the panels flat on the side of the door that will face the wall.

The door will sit like a folded ladder leaning against a wall. The panels you turned into shelves will sit closest to the wall, while the edge of the door faces outward into the room. Now, you can start decorating the shelves with your favorite items.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are perfect for any space: living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

You’ll need to install floating shelf brackets on the wall to achieve the appearance of floating shelves. Take the wooden door, and cut the shelves to your desired length and width. The pieces of wood may need to be a certain thickness based on the brackets.

Be sure to sand the edges of the cut pieces of wood and apply any finishes you prefer! Drill holes into the wood so you can smoothly place it onto the brackets. Before you know it, you’ve repurposed an old door to make something new!

Try out any of these easy ways to turn your old wooden door into brand-new shelves! And when you need something new to replace the old, contact Nick’s Building Supply for new solid wood interior doors for sale!