Can You Have Dutch Doors With Screen Doors?

The character of a home’s exterior is just as valuable as the interior design. Dutch doors are a rustic and traditional front door style. No other style of door can compare!

As you’re considering installing a Dutch door for your home, you’ve likely wondered whether you can have a screen door too. Continue reading below to answer all your lingering questions!

What Is a Dutch Door?

Think about the style of door you might see in a stable. The top half of the door opens while the bottom half stays in place. That is the design of a Dutch door. While this style was commonly used in family farmhouses several decades ago, Dutch doors still serve a purpose in the modern world.

The horizontal split in the middle is great for families who want to prevent children or pets from running outside yet still want to open the top half to allow light to glimmer through the house.

Interior Dutch Doors

You can even find Dutch-style interior doors to match your exterior front door! Installing the same types of doors throughout the house creates a cohesive design. With the character and versatility Dutch doors provide, they’re a great option for any homeowner.

The Purpose of Screen Doors

Screen doors have a wooden or aluminum frame that sits on the outside of the door. Other homeowners enjoy screen doors that are retractable and can be used as needed. This allows you to keep the front door open while the screen protects the home from bugs or other debris. It’s perfect for keeping the door open on a pleasant day and bringing natural light into the home.

Do Dutch and Screen Doors Go Together?

The short answer is yes! A Dutch door and a screen door can be used with each other because the screens don’t impact the way a Dutch door functions. Some homeowners love retractable screens that can accommodate the movement of a Dutch door. When the top half is open, the retractable screen can extend the length of the door. The frame sticks out from the door only a bit and comes in a variety of colors and materials to complement the Dutch door’s rustic appearance.

If you’re ready for a change, contact Nick’s Building Supply to start installing a Dutch door that pairs with just the right screen!