3 Advantages Solid Wood Doors Have Over Metal Doors

Choosing the right exterior for ultimate home protection can be tricky. If you’re in the middle and can’t decide between a wooden or metal door, learn about the advantages of solid wood doors to make your decision much easier!

Incredible Durability

Your home needs a strong external door to withstand storms and potential threats. While metal seems like a durable option, you might be surprised to discover that solid wood doors can have even stronger properties.

Frequently applying sealants will make a wooden door weather resistant. You won’t need to worry about potential break-ins because the door’s thickness will prevent anyone from breaking through the surface. The high-quality characteristics of sturdy and heavy solid wood doors make them more favorable choices for entry doors.

Easy Repairs

Each material has its strengths and weaknesses. Wood is susceptible to rotting or warping when exposed to excess moisture. When metal doors falter, they’re difficult to fix.

Repairs are challenging for metal doors. Scratches make the material vulnerable to corrosion, corrupting the door’s condition. Dents are demanding to remove since they require sanding, filling, and repainting to return the door to its desirable appearance.

You can easily fix issues with solid wood doors. Replace the door frame, remove any rotted areas, and add sealants to prevent these occurrences in the future.

Unique Style

While wood and metal doors have advantages, you can’t replicate the natural beauty of solid wood. Metal has a bulky and cold appearance. Although it’s sturdy, there are few designs to choose from.

Solid wooden doors are ideal when you prioritize reliable materials and your home’s design! The possibilities are endless; wooden doors can have customizable carvings, and the unique textures of the grain and variety of color stains make them stand out against other doors.

For homes with a farmhouse style, you can choose rustic wood exterior doors to flawlessly complement the house. If your home has a brick façade, consider painting the wood a bright color! There are unlimited ways to make a wooden door fit seamlessly with every style of home.