5 Interior Design Trends That Are Leaving Us in 2023

Every homeowner loves to change up their decor occasionally. If you’re ready to find something new, it’s best to know about the five interior design trends that are leaving in 2023, so you can stay up-to-date on the latest popular home designs!

Gray Flooring

Many bought homes and renovated them on their own over the past few years. During that same time frame, gray flooring was all the rage! It was once classic and modern. A feature that was different and appealed to hundreds of buyers.

In 2023, more homeowners are saying goodbye to gray floors and hello to classic more timeless flooring. Solid wood or white tiles are coming back into style to uphold that modern yet classic aesthetic homeowners these days desire.

One Prominent Light Source

A dining room with a large, impractical light hanging above the table. A long light bar stretched across the kitchen area. A ceiling fan with four lights in the living room.

More homeowners desire a cozier lighting arrangement. Instead of using one lighting source to illuminate the entire space, they want smaller fixtures and pieces that create a warmer experience.

Dimmable recessed lighting. Table lamps near couches and tall lamps tucked in corners—these are some of the features homeowners are incorporating more frequently.

Neutral Kitchens

Neutral homes were the essence of modernity for a time. White flooring, white cabinetry, neutral furniture, and plain walls. This design made homes appear clean, bright, and open. While this is still a gorgeous arrangement, it’s not as favorable as it once was.

Now, homeowners are experimenting more with colors. Vibrant greens, various shades of blue, and rusty red are some of the popular hues that make a statement! They enhance the home’s existing design while warming the space with beautiful accents.

The Minimalist Design

In addition to the neutral patterns, we’re also saying farewell to the minimalist modern design. Many visit antique shops and purchase second-hand knickknacks for their uniqueness and character. Rather than upholding the sleek and bare minimalist design, people are becoming more creative! They’re brightening spaces with colorful and charming items that give their homes a personal touch.

White Furniture

White furniture is a portion of the neutral-toned and minimalist home that is leaving us in 2023. Everyone discarded light and dark wood and replaced them with painted white wooden furniture to present a clean and sleek home.

As the neutral modern design dissipates, warm-toned woods are making a comeback. Its vintage style adds charm to each space. People are playing around more with dynamic colors and styles that transform a room.

Before your next home renovation project, remember that these interior design trends are quickly leaving in 2023. This knowledge will help you make better home improvement decisions in the upcoming years that are more valuable.

However, one trend that won’t be disappearing any time soon is traditional mahogany solid wood entry doors! You’ll never feel out of style when you install a timeless piece like this. Contact Nick’s Building Supply today to find your ideal wooden entry door!