Wood & Glass Cleaning Tips for Exterior Doors

Keeping your wooden exterior doors well-maintained can be frustrating at times, especially when you’re uncertain of the cleaning process. Luckily, the methods you need to get the desired results are not difficult to follow. To ensure your exterior wooden doors keep their luster through the years and their glass clear of dust and grime, it’s worth considering these wood and glass cleaning tips.

Light Dusting

Regardless of the material, dust inevitably accumulates over time. While it’s difficult to prevent dust from ever forming, it’s better to nip it in the bud before it becomes too noticeable. Regularly dusting your wooden doors is the best way to prevent them from building up dirt and looking unpleasant. Light dusting also helps you prevent any scratches that may form as more dust and grime gather on the surface of your door.

Optimize Cleaners

Using cleaners specifically made for your exterior doors is the best way to tidy them up without potentially damaging them. For a wooden door, we recommend using a mild dish soap and warm water solution to lightly scrub off any stains. Glass, on the other hand, benefits the most from a glass cleaner. Using glass cleaner makes it easier to avoid streaks when the liquid dries, giving it a clear finish at the end.

Light Polish

Suppose your craftsman mahogany entry door shows signs of wear, despite regular cleanings and upkeep. In this instance, it’s a good idea to apply a light polish on both sides of the door after each cleaning to help preserve the moisture in the wood and prevent the signs of wear and tear from getting worse. Polishes and finishes act as an additional layer of protection from the elements, so this step is crucial.

Taking care of the glass and wood of your exterior doors can give you a feeling of accomplishment every time you walk through them into your home. We encourage you to implement these wood and glass cleaning tips for exterior doors into your regular home-care routine to prevent your doors from losing their strength and shine too quickly. For more tips, visit our website today.