3 Tips for Winterizing a Solid Wood Front Door

As the last of summer continues to dwindle, many homeowners are not looking forward to the colder seasons. From small drafts to icy roads, it is a far cry from the warmth of summer. While you cannot stop the clock on the changing seasons, you can mitigate the issues that make your home feel colder. Check out these three tips for winterizing a solid wood front door to help keep your home warm this holiday season.

Seal With Caulk

Caulk is a wonderful tool that can seal the larger gaps in your front door. If you’re having trouble finding those gaps, use your hand to feel around the borders of your doors. You can catch any spots that are allowing cold air through. Alternatively, any holes that admit light from the outside are also worth sealing to prevent your front door from being compromised.

Replace Your Draft Guard

Draft guards are normally placed at the bottom of your door to help prevent any excess drafts from coming in. This is slightly different from any holes you would seal with caulk as draft guards mainly seal off the bottom section of your exterior doors—which can be prone to damage through the seasons. Luckily it is easy to replace and install, but the results are quickly noticeable.

Use a Weather Strip

Weather strips are excellent for reducing energy waste in your home. Each type of weather strip material offers a different benefit, it just depends on the environment you live in. However, the variety available lets you custom-pick them to suit your needs. Weather strips are easily installed and can fit the cosmetic choice you prefer for your home.

The next time you want to strengthen your mahogany wood door’s exterior, consider these three tips for winterizing a solid wood front door. Protecting your exterior doors and keeping them well-maintained can help you save money and keep your home warm during the winter. Since the work is relatively minor, it can be finished quickly for immediate results.