Why Two-Tone Doors Are Becoming More Popular

Designing your home requires creativity and personality. The more you pay attention to the smaller details, the better your home will look to future guests. Your doors, for example, are smaller details that make a big impact. Learn why two-tone doors are becoming more popular to make the most of their effect on your home.

Modern and Unique

Two-toned doors are still somewhat uncommon. People often prefer a sense of uniformity in their homes. While there is nothing wrong with consistency, it can be fun to mix things up sometimes. Two-toned doors bring something new to the table and add a unique touch to your home.

Flexible Color Pallet

Two-toned doors are gaining a following in the interior design community because of their flexibility. Just as the name implies, using two different colors on your door opens up a world of design possibilities. These doors are great for people who like to change up their homes but do not want to go the extra mile to adjust their entryways each time.

Natural Centerpiece

Because they are so unique, these doors speak for themselves and are interesting conversation starters. Since they are not as common as standard doors, they naturally catch your guests’ attention. Whether you tell the story about a custom request for your finished oak internal doors or why you chose the colors, it’s great to discuss your home with others who appreciate it.

Creating an exciting home is not always about big changes like repainting your walls or adding new light fixtures. The more love you put into the details, the more your design will stand out. This is why two-tone doors are becoming more popular. They are a great way to get ahead of the design game and let others play catch up to you next year.