10 Fall Exterior Door Decoration Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time you should spend with your loved ones. The more that comforting air lingers about the home, the easier it is to relax and focus on holiday events with the family. While getting the mood right is sometimes tricky, it’s important to remember that it’s less about perfection and more about effort. For those looking for a way to let their house shine in the fall season, it’s worth considering these 10 fall exterior door decoration ideas for Thanksgiving.

Hanging Ribbons

Your holiday decor doesn’t have to be especially showy to convey the message to visitors. Hanging red, yellow, or orange ribbons is a great way to spruce up your exterior doorway without putting in much effort. Despite the ease of this addition, its effect fits in well with the holiday theme. Hanging ribbons from the top of the door, wrapping them around it, or changing out the colors are all great methods to achieve that Thanksgiving feeling.

Pumpkins for Decoration

When decorating your doorway, you can take advantage of a few different approaches to make your home feel more welcoming. Pumpkins are a hallmark of the fall season, and using some to either lead up to the entrance or sit on the front steps is both playful and charming. For those who don’t mind having to throw them out, using real ones can help support local farmers. However, plastic pumpkins and gourds are reusable and offer similar aesthetic uses.

Maple Leaf Garland

Garlands aren’t exclusive to the winter holidays. One of the best ways to decorate the front of your home for Thanksgiving is to wrap some maple leaf garlands around your door. Some variants offer built-in lighting that makes them glow at night. Glowing leaves leave a unique and memorable impression on visitors and passersby. You’re not limited to your doorway, either. Bordering the door or wrapping it around your front railing provides a similar appeal.

Warm-Colored Paint

The wonderful thing about custom wood doors is their flexibility to owners who constantly change their home design. Giving it a repaint for the season makes your entrance feel warmer without having to add anything to it. From a deep brown to a dark burgundy, having your door reflect the colors of the fall is a simple and clean decorating choice.

Hanging a Scarecrow

For those who enjoy having a bit of fun with their fall decorating, adding a little scarecrow to your door is the perfect mix of playfulness and on-point seasonal decor. While it won’t scare away any birds, this little friend makes a wonderful first greeting to you and anyone at your front door. There are different approaches to making a hanging scarecrow for your door. However, making a personalized one for your home is a great way to give it more personality.

Overstuffed Door

Minimalist additions to your door are a great way to show the holiday spirit tastefully and subtly. However, for those who want to express their love for Thanksgiving in more than a few minor details, going on the opposite side of the spectrum is a welcome surprise with its own charm. Overstuffed doors normally have large and noticeable garlands, signs, memorabilia, and anything you can comfortably fit on the frame. This way, everyone will notice your decor and know how much you love the giving season.

Candle Lanterns

There are a few approaches to consider when adding lanterns to your front entrance. One way is by setting it as a decorative piece that adds to the overall image of your front door. Consider pairing it with other fall weather items, such as pumpkins, apples, leaves, and more. Though the piece is small, the black metal frame of the lantern adds a nice touch to the staging of your entrance while balancing out the warm colors.

The second way to use your lanterns is by replacing your fixtures with them to have unique lighting for the front entryway. Replacing your lamps with these as a front door sconce makes your entrance more distinctive and entertaining.

Fall Wreath

It doesn’t have to be December to bring out the wreaths for your home. With a mix of fall leaves, berries, pinecones, and mini pumpkins, you have a beautiful decorative piece for the doorway. Fall wreaths can be as big or small as you want and can be artificial or homemade. Similar to the hanging scarecrow, personalizing it to your taste is a fun activity to do with the family while leaving your mark on the front of your home.

Window Wallpaper

Don’t leave out your doors with windows when decorating for the holidays. Rather than taking away the view of your front door windows, it’s a good idea to use a one-way wallpaper on your windows. These wallpapers allow you to add some color and pattern to your door quickly. Cutting them according to the window size makes them stick on easily and last a long time. Now, you don’t have to worry about them falling off, making it a great option for those who don’t have much time to decorate their homes.

Personal Paint Job

For those who have younger kids, this is a great idea to let them have some fun at home. By attaching a large amount of wax paper or wallpaper to your door, you create a blank canvas for them to customize. You can also take part in the action and paint your design or picture where it’s too high for them to reach. Letting everyone express their creative side is fun, and it’s easy to remove after the holidays have come to pass.

As we approach winter, it’s a good idea to have some fun with it rather than dreading the departure of warmer weather. There are several ways to go about setting your home up for the holiday season, but the front door is the first thing people see before entering your home. These 10 fall exterior door decoration ideas for Thanksgiving are worth considering for those who want a good place to start on their decorating journey.

10 Fall Exterior Door Decoration Ideas for Thanksgiving