Why Refinishing a Door Before Winter Is a Must

A wooden entry door that’s defended your house for several years will eventually show signs of wear. Splinters, cracks, and a faded finish can leave the wood vulnerable.

The winter season is approaching. Before you know it, snow will flurry from the clouds, and icicles will hang from the roof. Your wood door needs to be ready to withstand the freezing temperatures and dry air.

The trick to keeping your wooden entry door in great condition is refinishing it proactively. You shouldn’t wait until the middle of winter to think about this project. Read about the reasons why it’s a must to refinish wood doors before winter!

Avoid Refinishing the Door When the Weather Is Below 55 Degrees Fahrenheit

Cold temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit can make painting or staining a door especially difficult.

Refinishing requires two to three coats. Cold weather causes coats of paint or stain to take longer to dry. Although this factor is unlikely to affect the quality of the end product, it will make the process more troublesome. You’ll have a much smoother refinishing process if you conduct the project in the fall before the temperatures drop.

Keep Your House Comfortable

The refinishing process also requires you to detach the door from its hinges. In the meantime, you won’t have a door to block the freezing cold air.

The weather in fall is the perfect blend of warm air and a cool breeze. Living without a front door will be more comfortable when you refinish the door before winter.

Proactively Prevent Moisture Damage

Moisture damage is highly likely if you wait until winter arrives for refinishing. Rain, snow, and ice can be detrimental to your custom carved door. The moisture can penetrate each nook and cranny when there isn’t a sufficient topcoat in place. Take this precaution before fall and reduce the risk of rot or warping.

Refinishing the entry door before winter might seem like a miniscule detail, but it has a great impact. It’s essential to be sure your door is in top condition to brave the cold weather.