Are Arched Doors Outdated? Absolutely Not!

Arched doors weren’t high-class trends that lost popularity within a decade. The truth is that arched doors are absolutely not outdated! They are still regarded as classy structures that strengthen the façade of homes.

The Traditional Charm of Arched Doors

The ancient Romans mastered arches in their construction of bridges, buildings, and aqueducts. The design distributed weight evenly for a sturdy foundation. As time progressed, builders used arches for residential architecture, specifically hallways and doorways.

Arched wooden doors possess an effortless appeal, gorgeous glass features, and one-of-a-kind iron designs for grand entries. They are ideal for Victorian, Tudor, and Mission-style houses. The unique attention to detail with every element makes arched doors unique additions to a home.

Indoor Arch Designs

The beauty of arches isn’t limited to halls and doorways. Many homeowners paint on arches in their homes. The vibrant color adds dimension and creates a focal point to a room. It transforms bedrooms and living rooms into fascinating spaces.

You may want to include arches in your home design. For example, add in-wall shelving with an arch at the top or a shower entrance topped by an arch. There are plenty of opportunities for arches in your home!

The Blend of Traditional and Contemporary Styles

The world’s love of archways never came to a halt. It continues to thrive today in the modern world. Contemporary homes are founded on cookie-cutter designs with clean lines, neutral colors, and sleek appearances. However, this trend doesn’t mean arched doors are outdated.

You can combine arched doors with a modern home design. Choose a door with a solid color, clean-lined windows, and a polished door handle.

Make your house stand out from others on your block with an arched wooden door. It can work with your modern or traditional home! Homeowners who adore this stunning architecture will love the addition of an arched entry door to their homes.