What Does the Color of Your Front Door Tell the World?

There are cozy and quaint homes, traditional homes with a classic charm, and modern designs with technological features all around. Every home communicates a story or a feeling, but what does the color of your front door tell the world?


While people occasionally interpret red as the color of anger, it doesn’t convey the same message when painted on your house. In feng shui, red symbolizes good luck. People feel the positive, luxurious energy from the front door that stands out from the rest.


The color of sunshine. A vibrant yellow hue conveys a bright and happy tone to passersby. This small splash of color makes an immense difference in the appearance of your home. It stands out among others and creates a joyful, optimistic aesthetic.

Olive Green

When you think of olive green, your mind likely connects the color to the Earth. Think of green grass and the leaves on flowers and trees. Olive green depicts the natural beauty of the world.

Although it’s not the typical black, white, gray, or beige neutral color, olive green is a serene shade that’s not as loud as other paint colors. It creates a calming sensation as guests walk up to your front door.

Light Blue

Light blue elicits a relaxing sensation, as it looks like a clear blue sky. Light blue front doors communicate that your home is calming and light-hearted. Guests will feel welcomed as soon as they approach your home.

Navy Blue

Navy blue conveys calmness and dependability. Homes with navy blue doors are humble. They appreciate tradition and value guarding historic features. You can see this in how these homeowners care for their houses.


A white door symbolizes a clean and modern home without a speck of dust. A front door colored white tells the world that you have a sophisticated and peaceful house. The white front door will continue the sensation of tranquility throughout the rest of the home.


Black is another sleek and modern paint color. It’s a bold yet complex color. It’s moody and serious while portraying a subtle sense of wealth. The classic color will never go out of style, and neither will the overall look of your home.

Dark Brown

Dark brown is a traditional color; it symbolizes a classic wooden door that gives a home an antique charm. It doesn’t stand out like many of the dynamic colors, but brown can still make a statement. The color provides a warm feeling, and your home may feel more introverted and old-fashioned.

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