How To Choose the Right Door Knob for Your Front Door

When upgrading features of your house, the last thing you think about is probably the door knob. How hard could it be to pick one?

There’s more to choosing the right doorknob for your front door than you originally thought. If your home is in need of a new lock, a fresh style, or enhanced security, continue reading to learn everything you need to know about buying a new doorknob for your entry door!

Examine the Front Door

There are some important features you must know about your current front door before you can buy a new doorknob set for it.

Left or Right-Handed Door?

When you open a door, what side is the handle on? Determine if you have a left or right-handed door before getting a new doorknob.

Stand outside in front of the door to test this. The location of the hinges determines the type of door you have. Left-handed doors have hinges on the left side. Right-handed doors have hinges on the right side.

The feature determines the type of doorknob you’re able to install. Although some hardware has reversible handling, not all doorknobs have this capability. Check the product details to ensure you buy the proper doorknob that will fit your door.

Features To Measure

You must first measure a few areas of the door to choose the right doorknob for your front door.

The Door’s Thickness

Not every door is the same. The door’s thickness can range from 1¼ to 3 inches thick. The average door thickness is 1¾ inches thick, so companies manufacture most doorknobs according to the standardized size.

Grab a tape measure before buying a doorknob. Then, measure the thickness of the door’s width. You want to ensure you purchase the correctly sized doorknob so it fits perfectly in place.

Diameter of the Cross Bore

The cross bore is a circular hole that allows you to install hardware onto the door. The standard diameter is 2⅛ inches, but older doors may have smaller cross bores. Simply examine the diameter of the hole with your tape measure to ensure the size will coincide with the desired doorknob.


The backset is the distance from the door’s edge to the center of the borehole. Two of the standard sizes of the backset are 2¾ inches and 2⅜ inches.

Some doorknobs come with an adjustable backset. Depending on the size, you can easily shorten or extend the backset. Both are adjustable, and a determined size backset work effectively, yet it’s essential to know the size you need before purchasing the doorknob.

The Different Types of Doorknobs

Exterior doorknobs play a bigger role than the average interior doorknob. You need to protect the house from potential threats at all hours. When shopping for a suitable doorknob, you’ll need to decide between keyed and keyless entry doorknobs.

Keyed Entry

Keyed entry is the most common type of exterior doorknob. You can easily insert a key from both sides of the door. Sometimes, it will include a button on the inside to lock the door. As you turn the knob from the interior, the door will unlock.

You’ll frequently find a deadbolt installed with the doorknob for additional security. The set is ideal for homeowners looking for safety and a classic door style.

Keyless Entry

Technology is expanding, and it’s changing security features in homes across the world. A keyless entry door is one style of door you can install. Instead of inserting a key into the handle, you can open the door in two ways: a keypad or a smartphone.

You’ll customize and save the code to the keypad. Enter the correct number onto the keypad to open the door. The installed keypad sits above the handle like a deadbolt above a doorknob. After entering the correct code, the door will quickly unlock.

Unlocking your door with a smartphone is a more advanced level of keyless entry. It’s typically a larger smart lock system that extends throughout the home. Some smart locks will unlock once they sense your phone in range, while others will unlock with the tap of a button on the phone.

This can be a more convenient and safe way to lock and unlock your doors. No more searching for your keys at night or becoming aggravated when you walk out of the house without your keys.

Additional Security

Adding a deadbolt is the most effective way to enhance security in your home. A doorknob without a deadbolt is safe but not as safe as a door with one.

Solid Doors

Wooden doors are the most popular entry doors you’ll see on the market. While you might assume all doors are solid, many have hollow cores, making them more affordable but less secure.

You may need to upgrade to a solid door when you’re searching for additional home security. Nick’s Building Supply is an online door store with countless durable options that are rich in style! We can assist you in finding the right one for your home.

Grade 1 and Grade 2 Deadbolts

Deadbolts provide extra safety. Deadbolts have different grades, making it easier to determine the level of protection you need.

Grade one is a commercial-quality deadbolt with the highest level of security. It’s commonly used for businesses that need additional security. When you want the highest-grade deadbolt, Grade one will protect your home.

Grade two deadbolts are mid-grade and designed for residential usage. They don’t have the enhanced power and security as Grade one. Despite this, Grade two is the ideal deadbolt for mid-level security.

You can trust that a Grade one or two deadbolt will provide additional safety for your home. Remember to properly measure the deadbolt size before purchasing. Every feature of the deadbolt must fit perfectly so it doesn’t falter under any circumstances.

Consider the Style of the Hardware

What’s the architectural design of the front of your home? What does the interior’s hardware look like? Are there other metals on the home’s exterior? What does the front door look like?

It’s important to choose the doorknob’s color, finish, and style that matches or closely resembles the home’s style. You want to pick the perfect entry doorknob that’s functional, gorgeous, and complements all aspects of your house.

Your home’s safety is the number one priority. A doorknob that fits like a puzzle piece can protect your home for many years.

How To Choose the Right Door Knob for Your Front Door