Unique Entrance Doors for Memorable Homes

While Nick’s Building Supply has a reputation throughout North America for selling the finest in wood exterior and interior doors, these aren’t the only types of doors that we are proud to be able to offer our customers.

In fact, we offer one other very special type of entrance doors that is well worth considering as an option for a custom designed home, a home renovation, or just to give your front entrance a completely original and one-of-a-kind look.

Our copper doors are truly remarkable, and the color, material and design only adds to the appeal of these doors. You won’t find these doors on just any home, and with the styles and options we have in our stock you will find just the look you want from ultra-modern and stylized to a more traditional look in Shaker copper exterior doors.

Specifics of the Doors

All of our copper entrance doors have the exterior of the door clad with copper. This is actually thicker than a penny providing a lifetime of that beautiful look of copper, and its natural color changes as it ages.

The inside of the door will be African Sapele Mahogany on our in-stock doors, but as with all of our doors we can custom design your specific door with the wood of your choice and the design features you want.

Design Patterns and Features

All of our copper entrance doors can be installed with the addition of one or two sidelights as well as transoms, if that is the look you want. This makes an amazing complement to the door design and adds an open look to the entrance from both the interior and the exterior of the home.

One of our most spectacular patterns and choices in copper doors is the lattice pattern, which gives the appearance that the center panel of the door is actually made of large strips of woven copper. When the light moves across the door it really adds to the look of the design.

The Infinity copper door is another showstopper. This is a geometric type of minimal door design with the copper creating a sunburst effect from the center point of the door outwards to the edges.
Detailing in the design and patterns or the texturizing of the surface of the copper doors is truly a work of art. Our craftsman can create traditional patterns, or something is completely of your design, to develop just the entrance you want.