Staying Safe with Hurricane Exterior Doors

One of the requests that we had in the past was to create beautiful wood doors that would provide safety and protection to people and property in areas where hurricanes and extreme winds are a reality of life.

After over two years in working with our research and design department, as well as testing different woods, different designs and door engineering technology, we have created a line of hurricane doors. These exterior doors are made of either solid mahogany or knotty alder, and they are more than what you need to pass all building inspections in areas where hurricanes and storm winds are a consideration.

The Specifics of Certification

Our exterior doors that we sell as hurricane doors have been tested through the Structural Performance Testing for Static Air Pressure. This is the standard testing used to meet all building codes for any doors in states such as Texas, California, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida as well as the Carolinas.

However, you don’t need to live in these states or in hurricane-prone areas to take advantage of our doors. These doors can be used literally anywhere in the United States, Canada or even in other countries and areas of the world as excellent-quality and perfectly-crafted front doors.

To ensure your hurricane doors will meet your state specifications and building codes, all you will need to do is follow the installation instructions we will supply with your pre-hung exterior doors. Your carpenter or contractor will know how to install doors to meet the building code as well, which is often the easiest option.

The Styles

Solid mahogany doors are rich, warm and very classic in their design. They can include glass elements with or without caming or wrought-iron features. We can also customize the door to match perfectly with your home design.

Our rustic-look, knotty alder exterior doors are also hurricane doors. This gives a completely different look to a home that can range from an Old World style of door to a very modern and streamlined-looking entrance.

Keep in mind that at Nick’s Building Supply we also offer 20-minute fire-rated doors that come pre-hung with intumescent fire seals. These are a perfect door for between your attached garage and the home, and they provide the additional time you need to get to safety should a fire ever start in the garage area.